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Gift Set

Create beautiful design at home using
our simple nail kits and image plates.
  • MoYou Nails Salon Suitcase

    Whether a nail technician or just into having the perfect nails at all times, the MoYou Nails Suitcase is the ultimate gift set. Challenge your creativity with MoYou Salon Suitcase, with a range of small, French and full designs.

  • MoYou Premium Set

    The MoYou Premium Set will put the first basis towards your career as a professional nail technician. The set includes everything you need to make an impression without even trying very hard: six image plates of your choice and six different stamping colours to get you started. The MoYou Corrector Pen will help you remove all the extra nail varnish and the MoYou rhinestone pack will add a sparkling finish to your manicure. You will also have detailed instructions and a stamp and scraper.

  • MoYou Princess Set

    The Princess Set makes the perfect gift for the little Missy, with 3 mini-nail polishes and 4 image plates. Your little Princess will be bubbling with joy and her creativity will inspire everyone around. To ease your way into the world of stamping, the set also comes with a stamp and a scraper and easy to follow instructions.

  • MoYou Lady Set

    The MoYou Lady Set is the perfect gift for someone who loves having the perfect manicure, but doesn’t have the time to go to the salon. With four easy to use image plates and three colours to mix and match, your nails will always look perfect and will have the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that attracts all eyes around you.

  • MoYou Kitty Set

    Perfect for beginners, the MoYou Kitty set lets you enjoy the basics of stamping. It includes one stamping nail polish, one stamp and one scraper and you can choose 2 stamping plates from the multitude of designs available. The kit is a great gift for someone who is just starting to experiment in nail art. Make your nails stand out in just a few simple steps.


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MoYou Nails is a leading brand that specialises in manufacturing and retailing nail art products. Our love for nail art reflects in the multitude of products created, such as nail art sets, beginner’s nail stamping kits, stamping nail polishes and professional collections. The MoYou London Nail Collection includes the famous Salon Pro Collection, big boards with over 1500 individual designs, engraved to suit everyone’s style and to last a lifetime. Don’t be put off about where to choose from and how to do it. Stamping is just as easy as it sounds. Our easy to use nail art kit will provide you all the necessary accessories: rhinestones and glitter, nail buffers, correctors and applicators, to create your unique manicure design at the best value. It even has an instruction book. Stand out from the crowd with the MoYou stamping nail varnish, available in 24 colours ranging from the brightest green to the more neutral nude. Mix and match designs and colours and add a glitter finish for a manicure that everyone will die for. Whether you want to look fabulous for that VIP party you have been invited to, or for that special someone, or you just want to have a funky French manicure, you will always find a MoYou nail art set that suits you best. MoYou Nails, making the world prettier, one nail at the time.



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